ban616 ([personal profile] ban616) wrote2015-12-26 01:20 pm
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New Year

The New Year is approaching. People are going to meet it with different attitudes.There are those who say." I will not celebrate at all. A little more tasty food, a slight drink and going to sleep at 1 o'clock." This shows a general pessimistic predisposition. Inability to insert in itself a mood of festivity.It reguires certain craft and skill.The holiday is not a calendar day. It is our capacity to draw out the particular day and render it joyous. You should put your effort into it.You should prepare yourself to show merriment to other people even if you yourself do not feel it.It will be fake, false, not genuine merryment - but you at least will not spoil the others' joy.You should subordinate yourself to the funny mood of the company and your initial blues may disappear. It will be coerced joy.But it is better than natural gloom. Make believe happiness.It will mark the transition in time.